Wealth Management Services
Grounded in Shared Values

Las Olas Capital Advisors provides wealth management services for entrepreneurs and families. We provide the Thought Capital our clients need in order to pursue their big ideas.

Wealth Management

Smart Ideas for a Smart World

Smart ideas usually need capital. We live in a smart world which is only getting smarter.
Harnessing that intellect, by monitoring what is happening in our community and globally, creates opportunities for you and your family.

Thematic Investing
Life Identifies Investment Themes

We know that investing is not always just about the returns you want to see, but often about the life you want to live. We invest according to what you are passionate about while maintaining your investment objectives. You deserve both.

Capital Markets Advisory Services
Understanding the Capital You Need and Where to Find It

We know you have had and continue to have ambitions that change our world. We work with you in an effort to make your dreams real by sourcing capital in a meaningful way.

Guided Family Philanthropy
Helping Families Achieve their Philanthropic Goals

Guided family philanthropy isn’t just a service we offer at Las Olas Capital Advisors; it’s the foundation of our company. We help families find their philanthropic heart and guide them on a path to become impact investors. We believe that behind every great business is a great heart.

Who We Are

We take a client-first approach to thematic investing. We learn through conversation and develop plans based on your lifestyle and objectives. We provide wealth management services that put our clients' goals and objectives first. We understand the realities of life, whether they are planning your philanthropy to have an impact or creating a legacy for your family to carry on, you deserve both. We get to know every client and their individual circumstances that affect their investment style.