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Wealth Starts With…

Las Olas Capital Advisors

Connected Conversations

Longstanding Relationships

Uncommon Solutions

Best-in-Class Partnerships

Let’s Innovate

Original Wealth Strategies Sparked by Collaboration

“What sets us apart is our shared perspective with our clients about what wealth truly means. Together, we consider prosperity not in terms of material gain or status but as an opportunity to create profound impact for your family, community and the world at large.”

-Las Olas Capital Advisors

An Experience Designed for the Engaged

At Las Olas, we provide the Thought Capital necessary to transform these ideas into focused solutions.

We Believe Influential Wealth Management Relies On...

Innovative Technology

Close up of a man's hands using a tablet to look over bar charts and graphs.

We live in a smart world which is only getting smarter. Staying ahead of the curve requires not only intellect but also the most secure and intelligent technology available.

Concierge Capability

Closeup of two business man's hands shaking.

We’re relentless in seeing that every area where your wealth and life meet is taken care of. If something falls out of our scope, we will find or collaborate with the right professionals to address it for you.

Conscientious Conduct

A pelican in focus sitting on a boat dock with the harbor full of boats out of focus.

It is our personal responsibility to take action on behalf of you and your family through prudent wealth stewardship. We are here to serve as your trusted advisor, reliably carrying out solutions for all of your endeavors.

Why Las Olas?

Our Vision is Grounded in Yours

Entrepreneurs, driven individuals and visionaries come to us with their desire to innovate, create, plan and prepare. Our role is to thoughtfully direct your wealth—coordinating the kind of impact you want to see in your lifetime and for generations to come.

Our clients have put forth diligent effort, expending their time and energy to build what they have today. They’re aware that opportunity doesn’t just arise by chance. It’s something that needs to be sought out. And that’s why we exist.

We Craft Unordinary Solutions, Inspired By Your Ideals

Uncover Potential with Us

Meet the Las Olas Team

Through an extensive career on Wall Street, we’ve learned that an innovative, personalized approach is not only beneficial but necessary in a rapidly changing world.

As wealth management becomes more complex, both shrewd solutions and rash mistakes are increasingly consequential. With over three decades in the industry, our team has guided some of the most talented individuals and their families towards the realization of their most closely held aspirations. Alongside our clients, we’ve always believed wealth is an opportunity, a means to create waves and a legacy you are proud of.

Paul Tanner Photo

Paul Tanner

Founder & President
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Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner

Founder & President

After over three decades on Wall Street, I realized that my clients needed innovative, personalized solutions to wealth management, which the wirehouses rarely offer. Independence allows me to create bespoke solutions for my clients to help them achieve their goals. I’m passionate about understanding my clients needs, anticipating how they may change over time, and providing ongoing support for all of their endeavors. Day to day, I’m meeting with clients, keeping myself abreast of their goals, providing them with updates on their current investments, or presenting them with new opportunities that I believe will help them. I’m very active when it comes to communicating with our partners and keeping myself highly informed on the market and current events.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in political science and went on to get my MBA from Florida Atlantic University. I began my career in 1993 with Morgan Stanley and later worked for Lehman Brothers and UBS. In 2015, I founded Las Olas Capital Advisors and co-founded Las Olas Venture Capital in 2016.

Outside of work, I stay active by hosting morning CrossFit workouts 3 times a week in my neighborhood. I’m also very active within my church. On weekends, you can usually find me in front of the barbecue or smoker, trying out a new recipe or technique. I have three adult sons who I love spending time with, as well as my beautiful wife, Jodi.


  • Everglades College, Inc. | Board of Advisors to the Campus | 7/2017 – Present
  • Urban League of Broward County | Board of Directors | 8/2018 – Present
  • Community Foundation of Broward | Board of Directors | 1/2016-9/2019
  • Government Employees Retirement Health Systems | Board of Directors | 1/2013 – 7/2020
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Foundation | Board of Directors | 1/2016 – 7/2019
  • Florida Development Finance Corporation | Board of Directors (Gubernatorial Appointment) | 9/2019 – 5/2021
  • North Broward Health | Board of Commissioners | 5/2022 - Present

Licenses and Designations

  • Series 7, 8, 31, 53, 63, 65, SIE
  • Florida – Investment Advisor
  • Florida – Broker Dealer
  • Texas – Investment Advisor
  • New York – Broker Dealer
  • SRO registrations
  • FINRA – Broker Dealer

Jodi Tanner Photo

Jodi Tanner

Founder & Community Engagement Officer
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 Jodi Tanner

Jodi Tanner

Founder & Community Engagement Officer

Email: Jodi.Tanner@LasOlasCap.com

Cell: 954-655-7508

Office: 954-289-1378

I’ve always believed that giving back is of utmost importance. In particular, I feel that the arts are an integral part of the creative economy and the community at large—I am always seeking out new opportunities to support and promote the arts. I’m proud to be a part of the growth and balance of my community and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

As part of my role, I attend a variety of art events to meet new artists and organizations, and I curate art exhibits and showcases in our office for 4 months at a time. In that time, I promote them with social media and PR as well as hold a reception and private showings for the artist. You can also find me doing interviews to share knowledge about the arts and the cultural economy. I enjoy engaging in many discussions with our clients regarding how they can get involved with the arts community through various events.

I attended the University of Florida and went on to work for the Broward County Commission for 11 years as the chief of staff. In 2015, I founded Las Olas Capital Advisors and in 2016, I founded Las Olas Capital Arts. In 2018 I became the president of Las Olas Capital Partners and became the vice president of Las Olas Association. I have also been on the Broward Cultural Council since 2012.

Outside of work, I love spending time with family and my furry friends. I enjoy cooking, music, art, theatre, and of course, being a community and arts supporter and volunteer.


  • Broward Cultural Council – Past Chair and Board Member
  • Las Olas Capital Arts – Founder and CEO
  • Las Olas Association – Vice President
  • Destination Sistrunk Cultural And Community Investment Partnership, Inc. – Board Member

Raymond Catone Photo

Raymond Catone

Chief Operating Officer
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Raymond Catone

Raymond Catone

Chief Operating Officer

As the COO of Las Olas Capital Advisors, I continually strive to be as strategic and resourceful as possible for the success of my clients. With extensive experience leading and managing operations, driving sustainable growth for my clients is my goal. As a critical thinker and curiosity seeker, I engineer solutions that deliver upon the desired outcomes for clients by taking a service leadership approach, a technology-forward mindset, and an open-architecture platform to deliver the ideal services and solutions. 

In my role, I lead strategy, operations and compliance, as well as oversee day-to-day management of activities. I work with external partners to ensure an amazing client experience while maintaining best practices and compliance with regulations. I’m also a member of the investment committee.

I graduated from Pace University in New York with a bachelor's in business administration. Since then, I have gained over 29 years of experience in the financial services industry. I have held senior level positions involving sales, strategy, operations and compliance for several institutional Wall Street firms including Citibank Wealth Management, Barclays, Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.

When I’m not working, my family likes to travel together, exploring this incredible country and the world and sharing culinary experiences. I also enjoy many different sports and volunteer to coach my children in their activities.


  • Weston Music Society

Licenses and Designations

  • FINRA Series SIE, 3, 7, 9, 10, 24, 63, 66, 79 TO 
Kimberly Mamaril Photo

Kimberly Mamaril

Vice President
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Kimberly Mamaril


Email: Kimberly.Mamaril@lasolascap.com

Office: 954-256-9169

 My journey in the financial services industry began almost a decade ago in Maryland. Building deep, trusting relationships with clients is what initially drove me to the field of financial services. Eager to directly impact clients and guide them through their financial journeys, I quickly transitioned into an advisory role, specializing in a high-touch approach in multi-generational wealth planning. Over my career, I've had the privilege of working with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients and families, navigating significant life transitions such as business sales and retirement.

 One area close to my heart is assisting individuals experiencing an influx of wealth due to events such as divorce or inheritances, ensuring a seamless transition and helping them establish a purposeful financial legacy. My commitment to this specialized field is rooted in the belief that every client, regardless of their financial circumstances, deserves a thoughtful and strategic approach to wealth management.

 I relocated to Fort Lauderdale to join the team at Las Olas Capital Advisors to bring my experience to affluent families in South Florida. I bring expertise in the areas of wealth transfer, asset protection, and charitable giving. My aim is to have a focus on a financial plan that guides investment consulting. By truly listening and understanding our clients and vision for their wealth, I hope to be their family’s wealth advocate.

 In addition to my professional endeavors, I am actively involved in the financial planning community. In 2024, I will be serving as the NexGen Organization Director for the National Financial Planning Association, further solidifying my dedication to nurturing the next generation of industry professionals. I strongly believe it is my role as an advisor to not only be a steward to my clients, but also to the profession as a whole.

 Outside of the office, you'll find me exploring my adventurous side—whether sailing, discovering new destinations, or indulging in a diverse array of culinary experiences.


  • Financial Planning Association - National | NexGen Organization Director | 1/1/2024 - Present
  • Financial Planning Association of Maryland | Board of Directors | 1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023

 Licenses and Designations

  • Series 65
  • Life & Health Insurance
Saige Bergel Photo

Saige Bergel

Portfolio Strategist
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 Jodi Tanner

Saige Bergel

Portfolio Strategist

Email: Saige.Bergel@lasolascap.com

Cell: 954-289-2255

Office: 954-289-1378

As a Portfolio Strategists, I ensure to provide and maintain a professional and engaging service for our client relationships with the goal of giving them the best possible experience. Day to day, I communicate with clients regarding market conditions, updated research, and economic trends. I construct return models for our alternative investments to analyze current and potential holdings.  As a member of the investment committee, I research and analyze client’s portfolios to insure we are in line with everyone’s investment policy statement and stay ahead of the rapidly changing market trends. I also assist in creating models for various real estate and venture capital opportunities.

I graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor's in business administration, concentrating in investment analysis and corporate finance. Since then, I have gained over four years of experience in the financial services industry. I have been able to provide consulting, administrative, and financial services for numerous private equities, real estate, and venture capital funds. 

Outside of work, I am happy to be on the water and enjoying the wonderful weather South Florida has to offer. When given the opportunity, I love to spend time with my family and engage in outdoor activities. I am also involved in launching a new church, Collab, in my community. 

Brianna Reeves Photo

Brianna Reeves

Investor Relations Associate
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Brianna Reeves

Investor Relations Associate

Email: Brianna.reeves@lasolascap.com

Office: 954-247-8943

My role in Investor Relations requires me to diligently analyze and record investor responses, market activity, and financial trends so that I may compile accurate reports to share directly with our COO.

In addition to being a voice for Las Olas Capital Advisors as I share our vision and demonstrate our ability to provide shareholder value, my responsibilities include supervising quarterly reports and maintaining an accurate CRM, amongst other tasks imperative to our growth as a company. Though I'll always be a proud Michigander at heart, I left colder climates behind for the Sunshine State where I attended Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale and received my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Post-graduation, I spent four years molding young minds before pivoting to pursue my career in financial services.

As an elementary school teacher, I often encouraged my students to explore the world beyond the confines of tests and grades. I wished to step outside the standard educational curriculum to implore them to water the seeds of their curiosity, not because they're expected to but because they find joy in uncovering the magic within their musings and discoveries. As a naturally creative extroverted thinker and supportive team player, I've always found that communication and relationship-building are incredible tools for developing innovative solutions and robust partnerships. My mantra has always been “relationships first, everything else second.”Using these tools to facilitate meaningful interpersonal relationships with our valued investors and stakeholders, I aim to maintain our reputation and standing as a reliable partner in the financial space by developing effective investor relations strategies and frameworks to ensure success for all.

In my free time, I'm an enthusiastic Hotworx gym member, a dog mom to my mini Goldendoodle, and a health and wellness enthusiast. Always looking for new ways to sharpen my skills and expand my mind, I enjoy diving into leadership books and podcasts. With its incredible insight and motivational messages, Relentless by Tim Grover is my top recommendation for anyone looking to develop their mindset! I hope to one day achieve my longtime goal of closing the financial literacy gap by collaborating on an initiative designed to integrate financial literacy programs into Florida's educational curriculum.


Ornella Verano Photo

Ornella Verano

Marketing & Office Administration
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 Jodi Tanner

Ornella Verano

Marketing & Office Administration

Email: ornella.verano@lasolascap.com

Cell: 954-793-2923

Office: 954-289-4692

In my role as a Marketing Associate at Las Olas Capital Advisors, I have the privilege of bringing my expertise in devising creative and innovative strategies to the firm's marketing efforts. My educational background reflects my dedication to continuous learning. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University, and later pursued a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University. For nearly a decade, I worked as a Pharmacist, utilizing my medical knowledge to provide exceptional care to our community.

However, it was during the “Great Resignation” in 2021 that I made a courageous decision to step away from the medical field and redirect my focus toward my true passion—the creative arts. Driven by an innate talent for painting and a deep desire to champion local culture and artists, I found a truly fulfilling outlet for my artistic expression within Las Olas Capital Arts, our philanthropic branch dedicated to supporting and promoting the arts. 

At Las Olas Capital Advisors, I play a vital role in engaging the team with timely market trends and innovative ideas. I also handle branding and administration tasks, while actively promoting community initiatives. What sets me apart is my ability to merge my artistic perspective with marketing strategies, infusing a fresh and unique touch into our outreach efforts.

My passion for creativity, managing experience, combined with my diverse background makes me a valuable asset to Las Olas Capital Advisors. Together, we are committed to creating a profound impact for families, the community, and the world at large. 

During my free time, I indulge in activities that enrich my personal growth and exploration. I find solace in reading, enjoy traveling, and, of course, immersing myself in the world of painting. 


What We Do

It Always Begins By Defining Your Journey

Through insightful conversations, we look forward to understanding your passions, how you would like to plan for the next generation, or how you wish to give back to the community. We view our role as more than your advisor—but a connector. This means we enjoy facilitating connections and conversations between you and our network of clients, friends and professionals to bring your ideas and goals to fruition. Through careful consideration of your options, we help you discern the optimal path forward.

Wealth Management

Closeup of a hand holding a pen in focus while reviewing a bar graph out of focus.
  • Discretionary thematic investing
  • Direct investments in:
    • Real estate
    • Private equity
    • Venture capital
  • Passion investing


A closeup of a man's hands being held together atop a notebook next to a woman's hands holding a pen.
  • Merger and acquisition advice
  • Capital markets transactions
  • Business succession planning
  • Impact investing

Investment Solutions

Downtown Fort Lauderdale.
  • Open architecture
  • Collaborate capital for long-only themes
  • Curated fund management

Creating Coordinated Impact, Together

It is only through a team-oriented mindset that we’ve helped our clients, their families and their businesses succeed in a constantly evolving world.

Join Us


Boca Raton Innovation Campus

Boca Raton Innovation Campus ("BRIC") fronts the I-95 corridor, is mass transit-adjacent, and garners demand from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale submarkets. This property currently has 42 tenants

  • Las Olas Capital - Real Estate Fund 1, LLC
  • $15,229,011 Raised
  • 128 acres
  • 1.7M SF


Class A real estate asset in the Broward Central Business District along the “Las Olas Corridor”. This 17-story tower at 200 SW 1st Ave. is the corporate headquarters for AutoNation, a NYSE listed company (AN).

  • Las Olas Capital - Real Estate Fund II LLC
  • $14,516,129 Raised
  • 204,000 SF
  • Headquarters for AutoNation

Primavera Plaza

Primavera Plaza is the 51,594-square-foot office/shopping center at 830 & 840 Oakland Park Boulevard.

  • Las Olas Capital - Real Estate Fund III LLC
  • $37,690,501 Raised in Fund
  •  Shopping mall and office space
  •  4 Acres

 3400-3580 North Andrews Avenue

This property is a 143,351 square-feet retail shopping center featuring franchise stores and gyms.

  • Las Olas Capital - Real Estate Fund III LLC
  • $37,690,501 Raised In Fund
  • Retail and grocery space 
  • 14.5 Acres

South Harbor Plaza

Located at 1300-1430 South East 17th Street, South Harbor Plaza is 91,786 square-feet in demand retail and office space featuring various tenants.

  • Las Olas Capital - Real Estate Fund III LLC
  • $37,690,501 Raised in Fund
  • Retail, office, and mall
  • In demand area

Plantation Marketplace

Plantation Marketplace is a retail center comprised of 3 one-story buildings all built in 1963. Plantation has a total of over 30 tenants with anchor tenants including Big Lots, Food Fair, and CVS.

  • Las Olas Capital - Plantation Co-Invest LP
  • $3,500,000 Raised
  • ±17.78 acres
  • 230,330SF

The Fighting 69th Fine Irish Whiskey

The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey is Distilled & imported from Ireland, it possesses a unique mash bill combining superior quality barley and malted barley with pure Irish water, resulting in an extraordinary Irish Whiskey.

  • Las Olas Capital -Whiskey Fund I LLC
  • $4,107,419 Raised
  • A spirits venture
  • Genuine Irish Whiskey


Jeevz is a members-only service to book a highly vetted private driver on-demand to chauffeur you around in your own car, run errands for you, and more.

  • Las Olas Capital - Red Cap Fund I LLC
  • $1,222,000 Raised
  • Novel Service Based Application
  • Like having your own personal driver but without the cost

No members have been created.

Nurturing the Dreams & Wellbeing of the People Around Us

Giving Back

Contributing to our community is a cornerstone of our practice. In addition to our nonprofit, Las Olas Capital Arts, we also support the following initiatives:

What Causes Are Important to You?

Let Us Know

Las Olas Capital Arts Helps Artists Thrive

One central way we support our community is through our nonprofit, Las Olas Capital Arts, founded by Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner. We believe in celebrating emerging and established artists by serving as a platform through which we may honor and share their artwork with our network and beyond.

How It Works

It Is Our Joy to…

Exhibit the artwork of local artists in our office

Create marketing materials for each artist

Deliver a press release to our media list

Host a full reception in honor of our featured artist

Logo for Las Olas Capital Arts

Visit lasolascapitalarts.com

Expansive Minds Forge New Territory Together At Las Olas

Serving Fort Lauderdale, FL & Beyond

Wealth Starts With a Conversation

We’re interested in partnering with forward-thinking individuals and families to achieve their unique goals and values. If it seems like we may be a fit, request a meeting by filling out the form below or by getting in touch with us directly.


888 E Las Olas Blvd Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301